Music composer, sound designer, music and sound producer 

Jan is one these individuals that was born to create and play music. His roots come from the music. His grandfather was a painter and music composer, his mother is also a painter and his father was a clarinet player for the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and a choir conductor. His uncle was bassoon player in the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and a teacher in the Music Conservatory of Pardubice.

Jan grew up with a very strong artistic background and his interest for music started at a very early age. He started playing violin with a private teacher since he was 5 years old and when since he was 6 he started at the Basic Art School of Oscar Nedbal which he finished when he was 16 and 4 years later Jan graduated at the Conservatory of Music in Ceske Budejovice and Pardubice as a Double Bass player.

Janʼs wide musical range from pop, rock, blues, jazz, swing and latin to funk, dance, ethno. acoustic and obviously classic. His versatility and ability to adapt his music to a tremendous variety of styles is what makes him so special. Not only a composer, arranger and sound designer, Jan is also an adept singer and music player which can sing very well and can play several instruments such as the piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin and double bass as a professional.

Thanks to our modern online communication today Jan is able to send demos or final masters during the work process anywhere in the world.